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Our Mission To empower all new parents to raise their children to be socially and emotionally healthy.


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Our mission

Dody is Ethiopias best-known, most trusted pregnancy and parenting brand. The What to Expect brand mission drives everything we do, and it's as simple as it is powerful: “Support happy, healthy pregnancies and happy, healthy babies."

What we do: our app and website

Empowering, positive, personalized and relevant, What to Expect offers must-have information, support and community for every step of the parenting journey, from preconception and pregnancy to the baby years and beyond.

Our Mission

o empower all new parents to raise their children to be socially and emotionally healthy.

Our Vision

Dody Society’s commitment is to contribute to society through well-informed parents and lovingly-nurtured babies who grow up to reach their full potential.

We are recognized as a trustworthy portal for new parents and health and service providers for our educational resources on infant development. We collaborate with like-minded organizations to help us build and disseminate this body of knowledge. It is our goal to create a positive cycle where parents pass on healthy and safe parenting practices to the next generation.

Our Values

We are guided by the following values:

  • Evidence-based resources
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Safety and injury prevention
  • Accessibility of resources (relevant, understandable, widely available, free)
  • Individual and societal benefit (healthier infants lead to healthier adults and a healthier society)
  • Support for vulnerable populations
  • Respectful (of all stakeholders)
  • Community Leadership
Our values

What we stand for


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The founders

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Aaron Hyde
Aaron Hyde Co-founder and CEO
Warren Chae
Warren Chae Co-founder and CTO
Phoenix Baker
Phoenix Baker Chief of Staff

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